A downloadable game for Windows

Build an army and conquer!

Harmonia Tactics is a tactical role-playing game that can be played online, offline, or privately with friends.  Take control of a small force and defeat your enemies using superior tactics: positioning, when to ambush, and choosing your characters wisely is key.

Harmonia Tactics is currently in development. The latest version is pre-alpha, meaning it is not yet feature complete. Please have patience as we finish this game :)

The current demo contains the following modes:

Tower War

Two teams. Two towers. Only one victor! In this Red vs. Blue game, guide your team to victory using superior teamwork and strategy. As the enemy's forces dwindle, target their tower to win the round!

Cheesetopia (WIP)

A horror/survival RPG set in an abandoned base. Solve the mystery of the base's unfortunate inhabitants' demise!

Battle Arena

This is a demo of Harmonia's battle system, in the form of a 15-round arena. Defeat hordes of monsters, upgrade your team, and fight until your last breath! Can be played single player or co-op online.

Install instructions

1. Delete any previous installation of Harmonia Tactics (pre 1.4.0).

2. Install!

3. Run, play, enjoy! :)


Engine Demo v1.4.2 (Latest!) 39 MB
harmonia-tactics-demo-1.5.1-win32.exe 40 MB
harmonia-tactics-demo-1.5.1-linux.tar.bz2 45 MB
Engine Demo v1.4.1 36 MB
Engine Demo v1.3.0 33 MB
Engine Demo v1.2.1 30 MB
Engine Demo v1.1.0 27 MB